Virus Detected, Ship Inbound, “oh shit, its Andy Virus, Run!” Or in our case, gank him!

In many ways Andy is what a streamer should be when playing games, a lot of us get excited or angry when things go wrong but this guy just shrugs it off. He has a PVP mentality shared by few, such as myself, he takes any and all fights, switches in and out of ships from frigates to cruisers etc.

He is a good sport on fights, we’ve had many encounters with him. Once he warped a Hecate onto our 5 man gang and went for me, we killed him but I was on 2% structure when the fight ended. Iv’e had many a 1v1 with him and had some fun doing it. In my view he is a skilled PVP pilot and able to get his kills, quickly and efficiently.

So, let’s see how he fares with out set questions and what his views and opinions are.

Tell me a bit about yourself, where do you clone in from? What do you do IRL Job/hobby wise?

I come from a small island named Cyprus which is located in the Mediterranean sea and i work in a forex company.
In game i was born in Villore. Trying to avoid Thor Gambino and Necroman taught me a lot (e.g. insta undock). Nowadays I am clicking my modules aggroing everything in Black Rise flying solo as a Gallente pilot.

When did you start to play eve online?

I started playing EVE Online 1 year and 10 months ago (Dec 2015).

Why eve online?

I knew nothing about MMO’s. I was playing Battlefield since early 2000. Saw an advert in Facebook and they had one month free Omega account and I went for it. Never look back since then.

What is your most expensive ship loss? Do you have the killmail?

I don’t fly expensive ships. Why should i fly an expensive ship anyway when I undock and yolo all the time. Probably Hyperion’s are my most expensive losses. Here is one of my killmails.

What is your most expensive kill? Do you have the killmail?

I don’t remember my F1 kills but I do remember my 2 most expensive solo kills. I don’t have only the killmails but also the videos. Blame me for nerfing the Vexor.

Who is your, shall we say, best streamer you are a fan of?

I am a fan of every streamer out there and i am encouraging even more to start streaming.
I watch a variety of streamers but mainly those who solo PvP. I learn a lot from every single one of them. From those that solo PvP till the ones that do highsec missions.

What do you think of the current state of eve online?

The complexity of this game is mind blowing and props to CCP for bringing it where it is now. Of course there are some areas that need more balancing and twitching but hey I am not perfect either. I am sure they are in the right path and it seems they started listening more of our voices/screams.

If you could change one thing in eve online, what would it be?

Disable warp stabs inside and on the gate of plexes due to natural phenomena. Basically I want it to be less risk averse with more salt and tears.

What’s your best form of gameplay, pvp or pve?

FC what is PvE?

What’s the biggest fleet you have been in?

For my Andy Virus character it was a fleet of 50 pilots.

What’s the biggest fleet you have fleet commanded?

I rarely FC. I FC’d a group of 8 friends.

In regards to other mmos, what would you say, ranks the best behind eve online?

I never played any other MMO than EVE Online so i can’t say. My best friend plays WoW and he was bugging me to create an account. I was lucky enough not to listen him and to stumble to this magnificent sandbox game.

Is eve online your most played game? If not, what game is?

I was playing more than a decade Battlefield so that’s my most played game. I had a lot of girlfriend aggro for that game.

How do you think the /r/eve reddit reflects eve online as a whole?

EVE is the booster and Reddit the side effect with Biology at Level V and Neurol-toxin Control & Recovery at Level I

Do you think the game devs and GMS understand the playerbase?

Of course they understand us. They are EVE players too. They got a bit deaf for a period of time but they unplugged their ears and started listening again. They are in the right track.
EVE Online is the best MMO out there and with the anticipated Lifeblood expansion and more balances to come, it will become even better.
I don’t know much about other MMO’s but i am sure there is nothing that even comes close to EVE.

Do you have a message for your fans and subscribers in eve online?

I want to thank all of my viewers for their support and i promise for even more exotic dancers and crazy fights.

Grab your balls and click your modules bois

Andy Virus
X-Rated Pilots [X-RP]

PS. Never blue me